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Ten sales this year

Counting back from the sale of "Moment of Inertia" to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine at the beginning of this year, to my story "Dee", just purchased by Every Day Fiction, I've sold TEN stories this year. Quite a feat for me. 2011 was the first year I started selling stories, and I only sold …

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A third sale to Every Day

Every Day Fiction has purchased one of my more pretentious and literary pieces, "Dee". It's a very dark what-if story set in the world of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and I've inserted quite a few nods to Lewis Carroll. Every Day Fiction is one of my favorite markets. They seem…

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A personal contest becomes a sale

I occasionally have writing contests with friends where we choose two or three words randomly from the dictionary and try and concoct a story around them. My story, "Requiem in Diamond" was the result of a contest with a longtime friend, and I'm happy to say, SQ Magazine  has purchased it for their …

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A second story in my Universe

I've sold another story in what might become my working universe. It's a flash piece that lightly touches on a series of stories/novels I'm planning to write, about a team that rescues multi-generational slowships, those slower than light vessels destined to take hundreds of years to reach the stars…

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A Little More

I finally sold my story, "Little Men" to Silver Blade Magazine. I'd written this story several times from many angles, but couldn't quite make it work. At one point it topped out at twelve thousand words, but the version being published is only a bit more than two thousand words.

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An unexpected sale

Last year I wrote a story in a day. It was part of a challenge set up by my twin brother. "Watchtower" was the result, and now Shock Totem is going to publish it in their January 2014 issue.

Crossed Genres

Crossed Genres has bought my story, "Depth of Perception" for their 9th issue. I'm happy about this one, because it's a story from what might someday be my persistent universe. I've written a few pieces in this far future universe, and I hope to make it my "known space" someday. The oudjji, aliens f…

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And now for some horror

My second sale to Every Day Fiction is a piece of flash horror that grew from an explaination of "show" versus "tell".  "Hush Honey" is the "show" version of "Jalisse went to the store".


A second sale to New Myths Magazine. They're going to publish my story, "A Slender Darkness" in their September issue. It's the first in a chain of stories that follow a young man's path into dark wizardry.

A rare fantasy sale

The wonderful people at New Myths will publish my story "The Dragon's Back Door" in June.  It's a fantasy story, not my usual genre, but I never know what's going to dribble out of my brain. I think I had the most fun with this one.  It evolved out of a writing challenge with my brother and a close …

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First sale of the year

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine will publish my story "Moment of Inertia" in their April issue.  This story is one of my harder science fiction stories, and one I really enjoyed writing.  When I read, my favorite type of science fiction is space oriented, future forward, and optomistic.  Why d…

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Happy New Year

It's a new year, with a universe of new possibilities.  I've expanded my writing goals for the coming year to include a push to publish more stories, and to complete another novel.

Finally, a home for the Fart Monkey

I received word yesterday that Every Day Fiction has decided to publish my flash story, "Fart Monkey and the Shoe".  This piece was intended to be both humorous and sad, and although it's written in a style that doesn't reflect my usual work, I'm happy with the way it turned out.

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The Next Sale

Eschatology, The Journal of Lovecraftian and Apocalyptic Fiction has purchased my flash story, "Recycled".  It's a very short piece I wrote while driving my truck up to New Hampshire one Sunday morning.  Someone threw trash out of their car, and it hit my windshield (and my IRATE button).  See it he…

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New Year's Resolution

My hopes for 2012:

Submit every story I've written that hasn't been trunked.
Second draft my novel "Vector Victoria"
Finish at least one more novel: "Palace of Wonders", "Her Majesty's Own Striders", or "A Slender Darkness"

WOTF 27th Anniversary Awards

What I did on my summer vacation at L. Ron Hubbard's Writers and Illustrators of the future 27th annual workshop:

Flying out to Hollywood and meeting the other writers and illustrators, all really wonderful people who wrote what I wrote and dreamed the same dreams, was a moving experience for me. I…

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Sale Number Two

"Daily Science Fiction" Has just offered to buy my story "A Trick of Memory".  It's one of my older works that I almost didn't submit, but I kind of liked it.  I don't have a publication date yet, but check my list of publications.  You'll find it there.

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A New Hope

I've redesigned my web page.  The older style seemed a bit amateurish.  I hope this one looks better.  Now, back to writing...

Over The Hill

I've finally made it to the half way point on my novel, "Vector Victoria".  It's been slow going.  I didn't have a clear plan going in, so I wasted a lot of time (and dozens of rewrites) fixing a plot.  I'm on track now.


I joined the SFWA today.  My sale to the Writers of the Future anthology qualifies me for an Associate Membership.  It's not the full membership I'd hoped for, but I will upgrade as soon as I add a couple more qualifying sales to my resume.  Now I'll be able to draw on the resources available to SFW…

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