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I taught myself to write. There are too many worlds, too many people and possibilities crowding my mind, and they need to get out.

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Uneasy Listening

My story, "An Uneasy Paradise" (originally published in Electric Spec in 2018) is in audio at Manawaker Studios. It's about an artificial intelligence, Aishwarya-nau, and her struggles to let go of perfection for the sake of the human race.


MYTHIC is back, and I've tagged along for the ride

I'm happy to say I have a short story, "Sand Trap" and a non-fiction article, "Why Not Out There: Possible Life on Extra Solar Planets" in MYTHIC #16: SPRING 2021!


In "Sand Trap", Yasmin Hirose just wants to get through the job, but an environmental disaster involving intelligent sand adds a comical twist to a very real danger.

In "Why Not Out There: Possible Life on Extra Solar Planets", I explore hypothetical scenarios involving several very real exoplanets.


An Interview about "Through Starlight, Dying" in Electric Spec

Electric Spec just published a nice interview with me about my short story collection, "Through Starlight, Dying". In it, I speak about writing, science fiction, and some of my own perspectives. Thank you, Candi Cooper-Towler.

I Am Brihaspati - Again!

My story, "I Am Brihaspati" has just come out in Twilight Worlds: Best of NewMyths Anthology Volume II. Plenty of excellent stories in this volume!

Come From Behind

My humorous fantasy story, "The Dragon's Back Door" is available in audio at Tall Tale TV. Originally published in New Myths Magazine, this is a favorite of mine. The idea came from an in-joke, and the main characters are caricatures of my brother and myself. Even their names are anagrams.





It's a Certainty

My story, The Certainty of Echoes, originally published in Mythic: A Quarterly Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, #9, March, 2019 has just been published in this year's Best Indie Speculative Fiction. It's available on amazon now.


Dropping a Good Review

I just noticed a really nice review of my story, "Drop" in SFF Reviews. "Drop" was originally published in the anthology Starward Tales II , edited by CB Droege (Manawaker Studio, 2017) a couple of years back.


More Than One Path to Success

I'm excited that my story, "The Third of Two Paths" is in Issue #15 of MYTHIC Magazine. It's a story of choices, and finding a way when you think there's no way out.
It's science fantasy in that it has both magic and technology, and it takes place in the land of Aaerilia, the remains of a gigantic bridge destroyed in the distant past. The original concept was part of a shared universe project I was working on, and it's the second of my published works in that magical place.


I'm very excited to announce my story, "The 'aiei of Snow" is in Issue #14 of MYTHIC Magazine. It's a sentimental story about the bonds between a father and son in a time of magic and death. It's one of my deeper stories, and the only one for which I've ever received fan mail.

Doctor. Strange!

I've been cited in a doctoral thesis on the Chinese space program in the same paragraph as Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. The book's called, "The Chinese Space Programme in the Public Conversation about Space" by Andrew Thomas. Seeing someone reference one of my stories ("Point of Ascension" which appears in the "Strange Bedfellows"Anthology by Bundoran Press as well as my collection, "Through Starlight, Dying") feels both flattering and surreal. Crazy strange.


Full Contact

My Story, "Full Contact", originally published in Shoreline of Infinity in 2019 has been released in audio. Another fantastic narration by Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast!




Writers of the Future

I've mentioned the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest quit a bit in the last decade. That's because the contest means a lot to me personally. My win in 2010 (WOTF volume 27) launched my writing career. It was my first sale, and my most lucrative. The fellowship I found at the workshop not only taught me about writing science fiction, but it taught be about the business of writing. I made friends there. I felt accepted for the first time in a field I'd only dreamed of, and it gave me confidence to continue. Now, ten years later, I have nearly 80 published stories and I'm just finishing the first novel of a five book galaxy-spanning epic titled, "Relics of Empire".

The contest did a lot for me, and I know it could and will continue to help new writers expand their careers. So here's a list of links I think will be invaluable to both new and established writers of science fiction and fantasy.

And, since I can't pass up shamelessly plugging myself, I've included links to my podcast interview and the L. Ron Hubbard book site, where you can buy works by that great writer as well as get your copy of Writers of the Future volumes--don't forget volume 27 with my story, "Vector Victoria"!

Just click the links below.

Podcast interview for D. A. D'Amico

The link to the volume 27 event in 2011

The link to L. Ron Hubbard's books, as well as volumes of WOTF

WOTF judges (some of the BIGGEST names in SF)


The online writer's workshop


Writer contest rules


My Review of the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

I just finished the Writers of the Future online workshop, and it was pretty good.
For me, as someone born before the digital age, nothing beats actual face to face learning, but I found the video tutorials interesting, informative, and in some cases inspiring. It changed the dynamic seeing some really big names explain different elements of a story. It added a lot of flavor to the material, and as I followed along, I found myself building what I hope is a really good story.
Some of my favorite parts of the workshop were the articles, "Search for Research" by L. Ron Hubbard, and "Turning Fact into Fiction" by Tim Powers. They inspired me with new ways to generate ideas, and taught me that by basing my fictional concepts in fact, I'd draw the reader in deeper, allowing that critical suspension of disbelief. The workshop even one of my favorite articles by L. Ron Hubbard, "Magic Out of a Hat."
As a winner of Writers of the Future, Volume 27 (my personal favorite with absolutely no bias at all), and a participant of the week long workshop, I can say that the online version covers about as much ground as you can without sitting in a classroom.
So, for all you aspiring writers and future winners of the contest, I suggest you let the workshop work for you. Listen to the articles, do the exercises, and FINISH that story! You can't win if you don't work for it.


Go here to start working, and let me know when you finish that story. Drop me a note, and tell me what you thought of the workshop, and what the title of your story is. I'll post mentions for all those interested.

A Life On Air

My story, "A Life on Air" is out today at Abyss & Apex, for all those trapped and looking for something to read. It's one of my longer stories at 8,200 words, and it's about hope and survival 50 kilometers up in the clouds of Venus.

My Live Interview With John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press

I did my first live interview a short while ago for the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Podcast with John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press. We spoke about writing, my career after my WOTF win in 2010, and about my future as a novelist.
I can't believe it's been ten years since that first story sale ever and getting to see my name in print in volume 27 of Writers of the Future. I've sold nearly eighty stories in that time, in print, online, and in audio to some really strong markets. I've learned so much about the craft. I've grown so much stronger in my writing, and in my confidence that I've taken on the role of writer full time.
Stay safe, and never give up your dreams.

It's Baen a long time

A story of mine has made the top 10 finalist list for the 2020 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award! I've been entering this contest for several years now, and this is as close as I've gotten. I'm very excited to be included here.


It's your Level of Choice

My story, "A Level of Choice" is available in MYTHIC #12

It's about a young woman who must fight addiction to find love aboard a generation ship whose society has lost its way.

You Gotta Work For It

An article about my career is on the Writers of the Future blog:




I'm usually not very comfortable with talking about myself, but I enjoyed the experience of putting together this article. I got to mention some of the highlights of my writing. I talked about my stories, the novels I'm working on, my repeated and failed attempts at sharing a universe, and about a few significant hurdles I'd had to overcome to get where I am today. Who can believe it's been almost 10 years since that first big sale to L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future.


"Full Contact" is out in Shoreline of Infinity


My story, "Full Contact" is in issue 15 of Shoreline of Infinity. Just got my copy, and there are some great stories inside.


Mythic has published my fantasy story, "The Certainty of Echoes" echoes... echoes...



Just picked up my copy of Mythic #9! It includes my fantasy story, "The Certainty of Echoes", as well as a bunch of other really great content.


And, if you like my work, I've had stories in several issues of MYTHIC. I won't tell you which ones. You'll just have to get them all--and you won't be disappointed with any of them.

Originally, it was supposed to be part of a shared world where each of the elements had unique and special properties, and these magical qualities could be accessed only by certain adepts. We had our own periodic table, and a chart showing combinations of elements. But the project fell apart. My twin brother, Dean N. D'Amico, even wrote a story in the universe, "The Oracle of Sand". It hasn't been published yet, but perhaps with just one more polish....

It was a really fun story to write. I like to add levels beneath the surface arcs of my stories sometimes, and I wanted to be playful with "The Certainty of Echoes" to counter the dark fantasy tone of the main action. So, I went a little 7 dwarves on this piece. If you squint, you can see where I gave (I hope subtly) each of the characters specific qualities reminiscent of the beloved fairytale creatures. It's not something you need to know in order to enjoy the story. Just a fun fact, and maybe a little insight into the disturbed glob of goo that is my brain.


Writers of the Future - Brand New Science Fiction

Writers of the Future has a brand new feature, and it's there to promote fantastic new writing from judges and past winners of the contest. My story, "The Redemption of GRE-334b" is up there as part of the New England Speculative Writers anthology, "The Final Summons". There are amazing works from dozens of thrilling new writers, as well as new material from old pros. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for what's hot and fresh in the world of fantasy and SF.


blog post



New England Speculative Writers has published my story, "The Redemption of GRE-334b" in their anthology, "The Final Summons"


It's a story about a mechanical man who puts aside his own madness to stop the death of a newly realized friend, and it's just one of the awesome stories in this collection. Take a look, and if you like it, please leave a review on Amazon.







My flash story, "An Uneasy Paradise" is up at Electric Spec

Birth of an Empire

My Story, "Relics of Empire" is available at Amazon in Mythic #5. It's a story about gaining confidence--and invasion. I had so much fun writing it that my first goal for 2018 is to continue Prathra's journey, and turn this story into a novel. Wish me luck.

My Collected Stories

I'm creating collections of stories for sale. I've already published "Through Starlight, Dying" (available here on this website, or through Amazon and other retailers. My future collections will be an introduction to my work as a whole. Each book will have its own theme. Stories will overlap, some fitting several themes, but all books will be consistent to its theme.

Here are some I'm working on:


Boxing in the shadows

My story, "The Shadow Boxer" is being podcast at Manawaker Studios. Take a listen, and then let me know what you think.

The Game is afoot

My story, "A Game of Balances" just came out in Phantaxis: Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Issue 7. It's the first story I've sold in a shared science fantasy universe I created called Aaerilia.

Aaerilia is part of an enormous bridge that had been destroyed centuries earlier, its inhabitants cut off from the greater part of their world. Remnants of several cultures try to coexist, all while navigating the unique limitations of their environment, and learning the aspects of two opposing magic systems.

This story follows a wager between a master assassin and his apprentice as they attempt one last, big quest.

How "Kind" they are

My story, "Kind" is out at Every Day Fiction. It's a flash piece that I had fun putting together. In it, a young boy teaches his father that all lives are precious, no matter how different.



Honey's second Hush


Manawaker Studios has done another excellent job turning my story, "Hush Honey" into a podcast. Listen to it on their site, or on YouTube.

Originally published in Every Day Fiction in April, 2013, "Hush Honey" is a touching tale of a girl left alone in a dying world.

"Moment of Inertia" in audio

My story, "Moment of Inertia" is available as a podcast at The Centropic Oracle. Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine's Issue 57 in April of 2013, it's one of my favorite stories. I enjoyed writing it because it's filled with hope, ingenuity, and characters I could really connect with. Hearing someone read it out loud makes it feel special. Listen, and let me know what you think.

"Drop" has dropped in Starward Tales II

"Drop", my longest story to date, is out in the Starward Tales II anthology. The story follows the journey of Fex, an outcast from a parched, desert land as he learns his home is more than he imagined, and as he discovers how a single drop of water in the wrong spot at the wrong time can have world-shattering consequences.

Get a copy on Amazon here!


Write Well Award

My story, " The Lemon Thief of Munjid Al Salam" has been chosen as one of the winners of the 2017 Write Well Award. It's a touching piece of loss and hope... and time travel.

Write Well Award home

Where you can get a copy on Amazon



More Podcasts

My stories, "Recycled", and "A Trick of Memory" have been turned into podcasts by Manawaker Studios. These were two of my first published stories, and I'm happy they're now in audio. My stories always sound so different when I hear them in another voice. It's surreal.




blog post

"Zawadi's Choice" is available in Mythic Magazine's third issue. It's a story of choices on many levels, and a young girl's struggle to choose love in a world grown suddenly too large for her.



My Story, "Fragments" is up at Aurora Wolf Magazine. Can love withstand terror and isolation in a shattered landscape?

Angry again

My flash story, "In the Emptiness of Anger" has been podcast by The Centropic Oracle.

It's the story of how a woman's careless anger traps her in a hollow paradise of her own creation.

Originally published by Plasma Frequency Magazine in May, 2016, you can either read it there, or listen to it here.

"In the Emptiness of Anger"

Fan mail for "The 'aiei of the Snow"

A while ago, I got an amazing letter about a story I wrote, and I've been meaning to post it, but circumstances have kept me from spending a lot of time online. It's rare a writer gets feedback at all, and a truly positive reaction is a moving experience. It validates the worlds and people within me, gives them breath of their own. Thank you.

"The 'aiei of the Snow" published by Electric Spec


Dear Mr. D'Amico,


I just read "The 'aiei of the Snow" published by Electric Spec and wanted to write you my compliments. I love the story's take on magic -- it felt fresh to me, a new way of looking at the world, even though it has echoes of more familiar approaches to magic. The references to the changes the world has undergone, such as the driving out of the elves, made me want to know more, and yet I have to acknowledge that the story contains as much info as it needs to. I cared about Tokori and his family. The ending was both moving and satisfying. Have you written more about these characters and world? And if not, do you plan to?


I am always especially moved by sincere expressions of care and compassion in stories, as in real life. As Tokori's story ended, I found myself wondering "Why didn't I write this? My stories need some of what this one has." When I find myself thinking that, it usually means I have found a very special story. And I thank you very much for sharing this one with me. I have already shared it on Facebook, so perhaps some of my friends will also read it.


One of my own stories has been held for voting by Electric Spec, which delights me even if it doesn't make it to publication. I do hope that one of my stories might one day be as good as "The 'aiei of the Snow."


Thanks again.


God bless,

David Urbach

blog post

My story, "A Crime of Fiction" is up at The Wifiles.

My first Dieselpunk: "The Metal Moai"

My story, "The Metal Moai" is in Outposts of Beyond this month. It's a dieselpunk tale of a young woman who learns hope in one of the most remote places on Earth, and of her little sister who befriends a war machine that may be their salvation or destruction.

A little more "Little Men"

My story, "Little Men" is available on Amazon in "9 Tales Told in the Dark #22". It was originally published in Silver Blade Magazine in September of 2013, and it's about a father who struggles with the loss of hope in a dying world.

Fart Monkey rides again

The Singularity Magazine has my story, "Fart Monkey and the Shoe" up on its site. This is a bittersweet piece about a failing relationship, and it was originally published by Every Day Fiction back in August of 2012. Manawaker Studios also did a podcast of this story if you'd rather listen.

Finally, "Final Station"

Manawaker Studios has just produced a podcast of my story, "Final Station". It's science fiction/horror, and there are things more frightening than being stranded on an empty alien world, finding you're not alone is one.


"I Am Brihaspati", a tale of the Inner System

My story, "I Am Brihaspati" is up at New Myths today. I'm excited, because it's a pivotal story in my Inner System Universe. Also, I like the main character's courage and tenacity.


This story is part of a running timeline that explores the creation and history of a space habitat, and the lives of its inhabitants over the course of a century. The timeline starts with my story, "Point of Ascension" which appears in the "Strange Bedfellows" Anthology by Bundoran Press (also available in my short story collection, "Through Starlight, Dying"). It flows through my stories, "Moment of Inertia" (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #57), and "Pups" (Double Feature Magazine, November, 2016). And I'm continuing the universe with "Paper Lanterns", and "Crucible".

“Through Starlight, Dying” - My first collection of stories

“Through Starlight, Dying” is my first collection. It features 31 stories previously published in a variety of venues, and for many stories this is their first time in print (paperback). I'm putting a link on my website www.dadamico.com for those interested in purchasing an autographed copy straight from the author. Please, if you purchase one of these volumes, rate me on Amazon or wherever you can. Honesty is appreciated, but praise is best.



Delve into future where a young activist must make a choice between the lesser of two evils while purposely infecting an entire population with a potentially lethal virus. 

Then, join two lonely people sharing comfort and cocoa during a long post-apocalyptic winter. 

An unwary repairman gets entangled in the consequences of domestic abuse when he discovers the local waste unit is being used outside of its intended purposes, and read a humorous tale of greed, and where gunpowder really comes from.

A clockwork hero struggles to convince an old hermit to unleash a mechanical army and save a young prince, while a woman seeks redemption and the return of a lost love in a last contact scenario with creatures who may be too alien to care

Even recurring death cannot stop a man searching for clues to an alien intelligence from finding the meaning of his own identity, and the heat of passion quickly turns into the heat of decay for a confused young woman.

A man struggles with the passage of time from within a failed experimental chamber, but receives some very clever help, as a beloved children's character thirsts for vengeance in the days after Alice...

This is just a sampling of the thirty-one tales of twisted and intense fiction that lay inside...


"Through Starlight, Dying" on Amazon


The 'aiei of the Storm

My story, "The 'aiei of Snow" is up at Electric Spec. It's a very human tale of family and loss in a time of magic. It's a bit more touchy-feely than my usual work. I really enjoyed writing this piece.


The editors had very good things to say about it. I hope they're right.

A Second Soft Step

My story "A Single Soft Step", originally published in Slink Chunk Press last March, is now a podcast by Manawaker Studios. It's about a woman who seeks redemption and the return of a lost love in a last contact scenario with creatures who may be too alien to care.

Hear it here:  "A Single Soft Step"



My flash story, "Curse of the Were…" is up at FunDead Publications. It's a humorous tale of what might just happen if a curse isn't full... well, cursed. 

Too Close for Comfort


My final sale of the year, "Close Contact", is an emotional story, and one I really connected with. It's available at MYTHIC.


"In a world where physical contact can kill, is the desire for the closeness of a simple caress madness?"

Pups Bark Online

My story "Pups" is out at Double Feature Magazine. It's a cute story, and it's one I really liked writing.


"Is Sophia's faith in her little trash collection drones misplaced, or are they really as smart as she believes them to be?"


Manawaker studios has produced podcasts of three of my stories, "Outside the Box", "Fart Monkey and the Shoe", and "Dee". They did a fantastic job with each and every one, and they're a pleasure to listen to.

I find it a bit surreal to hear the words I've dreamed up in my head read by someone else, using a different style and inflection than the echo I head when my eyes scan the page. It's an emotional feeling, a good one.

They're available in several places, but here's the YouTube links:

"Outside the Box": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ewXLnLCUEw

"Fart Monkey and the Shoe": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXYViwW0CUA

"Dee": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPKHfJhT_oE


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