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“Through Starlight, Dying” - My first collection of stories

“Through Starlight, Dying” is my first collection. It features 31 stories previously published in a variety of venues, and for many stories this is their first time in print (paperback). I'm putting a link on my website www.dadamico.com for those interested in purchasing an autographed copy straight from the author. Please, if you purchase one of these volumes, rate me on Amazon or wherever you can. Honesty is appreciated, but praise is best.



Delve into future where a young activist must make a choice between the lesser of two evils while purposely infecting an entire population with a potentially lethal virus. 

Then, join two lonely people sharing comfort and cocoa during a long post-apocalyptic winter. 

An unwary repairman gets entangled in the consequences of domestic abuse when he discovers the local waste unit is being used outside of its intended purposes, and read a humorous tale of greed, and where gunpowder really comes from.

A clockwork hero struggles to convince an old hermit to unleash a mechanical army and save a young prince, while a woman seeks redemption and the return of a lost love in a last contact scenario with creatures who may be too alien to care

Even recurring death cannot stop a man searching for clues to an alien intelligence from finding the meaning of his own identity, and the heat of passion quickly turns into the heat of decay for a confused young woman.

A man struggles with the passage of time from within a failed experimental chamber, but receives some very clever help, as a beloved children's character thirsts for vengeance in the days after Alice...

This is just a sampling of the thirty-one tales of twisted and intense fiction that lay inside...


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