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Fan mail for "The 'aiei of the Snow"

A while ago, I got an amazing letter about a story I wrote, and I've been meaning to post it, but circumstances have kept me from spending a lot of time online. It's rare a writer gets feedback at all, and a truly positive reaction is a moving experience. It validates the worlds and people within me, gives them breath of their own. Thank you.

"The 'aiei of the Snow" published by Electric Spec


Dear Mr. D'Amico,


I just read "The 'aiei of the Snow" published by Electric Spec and wanted to write you my compliments. I love the story's take on magic -- it felt fresh to me, a new way of looking at the world, even though it has echoes of more familiar approaches to magic. The references to the changes the world has undergone, such as the driving out of the elves, made me want to know more, and yet I have to acknowledge that the story contains as much info as it needs to. I cared about Tokori and his family. The ending was both moving and satisfying. Have you written more about these characters and world? And if not, do you plan to?


I am always especially moved by sincere expressions of care and compassion in stories, as in real life. As Tokori's story ended, I found myself wondering "Why didn't I write this? My stories need some of what this one has." When I find myself thinking that, it usually means I have found a very special story. And I thank you very much for sharing this one with me. I have already shared it on Facebook, so perhaps some of my friends will also read it.


One of my own stories has been held for voting by Electric Spec, which delights me even if it doesn't make it to publication. I do hope that one of my stories might one day be as good as "The 'aiei of the Snow."


Thanks again.


God bless,

David Urbach

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