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I find it difficult to write sometimes. Well, the writing part isn't actually what I have trouble with. It's getting in there and trying. It's easy to blame work or family, but it's all internal. I want to write. I love writing, making up characters and stories, and I get lost in the worlds I create... when I finally manage to take that first step.

Part of it is drive. My enthusiasm wanes from time to time. I find it difficult to get motivated, and when I do I find it hard to find the confidence that my work is worth completing.

I've been doing this writing thing with essentially no support.  I have no writing group, first reader, or network of other writers to consult or converse with. Nobody in my life even likes to read.

I write my stories and send them to editors, some with a measure of revision, but essentially as they flow from my brain. The first critiques I get are usually rejections. Some stories aren't rejected, and the few successes keep me going.

I've had a couple of dozen stories published in the last four years, and that says something. But this lonely road is taking its toll.

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