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I find it difficult to write sometimes. Well, the writing part isn't actually what I have trouble with. It's getting in there and trying. It's easy to blame work or family, but it's all internal. I want to write. I love writing, making up characters and stories, and I get lost in the worlds I create... when I finally manage to take that first step.

Part of it is drive. My enthusiasm wanes from time to time. I find it difficult to get motivated, and when I do I find it hard to find the confidence that my work is worth completing.

I've been doing this writing thing with essentially no support.  I have no writing group, first reader, or network of other writers to consult or converse with. Nobody in my life even likes to read.

I write my stories and send them to editors, some with a measure of revision, but essentially as they flow from my brain. The first critiques I get are usually rejections. Some stories aren't rejected, and the few successes keep me going.

I've had a couple of dozen stories published in the last four years, and that says something. But this lonely road is taking its toll.

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Well to begin my comment there are people who read. While science fiction is not my go to read I have read some of your work. What I feel is you need to own who you are. You are D.A. D'Amico fantasy and science fiction author. Start with not having your stories in magazines with 50 others. Write your own book big or small put yourself on the shelf. Recently I heard this there's only two sure things in this world FEAR AND HOPE. Fear holds you back hope gives the possibilities. "When in doubt friends help." BELIEVE!! OWN WHO YOU ARE.....