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Mythic has published my fantasy story, "The Certainty of Echoes" echoes... echoes...



Just picked up my copy of Mythic #9! It includes my fantasy story, "The Certainty of Echoes", as well as a bunch of other really great content.


And, if you like my work, I've had stories in several issues of MYTHIC. I won't tell you which ones. You'll just have to get them all--and you won't be disappointed with any of them.

Originally, it was supposed to be part of a shared world where each of the elements had unique and special properties, and these magical qualities could be accessed only by certain adepts. We had our own periodic table, and a chart showing combinations of elements. But the project fell apart. My twin brother, Dean N. D'Amico, even wrote a story in the universe, "The Oracle of Sand". It hasn't been published yet, but perhaps with just one more polish....

It was a really fun story to write. I like to add levels beneath the surface arcs of my stories sometimes, and I wanted to be playful with "The Certainty of Echoes" to counter the dark fantasy tone of the main action. So, I went a little 7 dwarves on this piece. If you squint, you can see where I gave (I hope subtly) each of the characters specific qualities reminiscent of the beloved fairytale creatures. It's not something you need to know in order to enjoy the story. Just a fun fact, and maybe a little insight into the disturbed glob of goo that is my brain.


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