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Writers of the Future

I've mentioned the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest quit a bit in the last decade. That's because the contest means a lot to me personally. My win in 2010 (WOTF volume 27) launched my writing career. It was my first sale, and my most lucrative. The fellowship I found at the workshop not only taught me about writing science fiction, but it taught be about the business of writing. I made friends there. I felt accepted for the first time in a field I'd only dreamed of, and it gave me confidence to continue. Now, ten years later, I have nearly 80 published stories and I'm just finishing the first novel of a five book galaxy-spanning epic titled, "Relics of Empire".

The contest did a lot for me, and I know it could and will continue to help new writers expand their careers. So here's a list of links I think will be invaluable to both new and established writers of science fiction and fantasy.

And, since I can't pass up shamelessly plugging myself, I've included links to my podcast interview and the L. Ron Hubbard book site, where you can buy works by that great writer as well as get your copy of Writers of the Future volumes--don't forget volume 27 with my story, "Vector Victoria"!

Just click the links below.

Podcast interview for D. A. D'Amico

The link to the volume 27 event in 2011

The link to L. Ron Hubbard's books, as well as volumes of WOTF

WOTF judges (some of the BIGGEST names in SF)


The online writer's workshop


Writer contest rules


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