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Writers of the Future

I've mentioned the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest quit a bit in the last decade. That's because the contest means a lot to me personally. My win in 2010 (WOTF volume 27) launched my writing career. It was my first sale, and my most lucrative. The fellowship I found at the workshop no…

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My Review of the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

I just finished the Writers of the Future online workshop, and it was pretty good.
For me, as someone born before the digital age, nothing beats actual face to face learning, but I found the video tutorials interesting, informative, and in some cases inspiring. It changed the dynamic seeing…

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A Life On Air

My story, "A Life on Air" is out today at Abyss & Apex, for all those trapped and looking for something to read. It's one of my longer stories at 8,200 words, and it's about hope and survival 50 kilometers up in the clouds of Venus.

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My Live Interview With John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press

I did my first live interview a short while ago for the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Podcast with John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press. We spoke about writing, my career after my WOTF win in 2010, and about my future as a novelist.
I can't believe it's been ten years since that first…

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It's Baen a long time

A story of mine has made the top 10 finalist list for the 2020 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award! I've been entering this contest for several years now, and this is as close as I've gotten. I'm very excited to be included here.


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It's your Level of Choice

My story, "A Level of Choice" is available in MYTHIC #12

It's about a young woman who must fight addiction to find love aboard a generation ship whose society has lost its way.

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You Gotta Work For It

An article about my career is on the Writers of the Future blog:




I'm usually not very comfortable with talking about myself, but I enjoyed the experien…

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"Full Contact" is out in Shoreline of Infinity


My story, "Full Contact" is in issue 15 of Shoreline of Infinity. Just got my copy, and there are some great stories inside.


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Mythic has published my fantasy story, "The Certainty of Echoes" echoes... echoes...



Just picked up my copy of Mythic #9! It includes my fantasy story, "The Certainty of Echoes", as well as a bunch of other really great content.


And, if you like my work, I've had stories in several issues of MYTHIC. I won't tell you which ones. You'll just have to get them…

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Writers of the Future - Brand New Science Fiction

Writers of the Future has a brand new feature, and it's there to promote fantastic new writing from judges and past winners of the contest. My story, "The Redemption of GRE-334b" is up there as part of the New England Speculative Writers anthology, "The Final Summons". There are amazing works from d…

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New England Speculative Writers has published my story, "The Redemption of GRE-334b" in their anthology, "The Final Summons"


It's a story about a mechanical man who puts aside his own madness to stop the death of a newly realized friend, and it's just on…

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My flash story, "An Uneasy Paradise" is up at Electric Spec

Birth of an Empire

My Story, "Relics of Empire" is available at Amazon in Mythic #5. It's a story about gaining confidence--and invasion. I had so much fun writing it that my first goal for 2018 is to continue Prathra's journey, and turn this story into a novel. Wish me luck.

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My Collected Stories

I'm creating collections of stories for sale. I've already published "Through Starlight, Dying" (available here on this website, or through Amazon and other retailers. My future collections will be an introduction to my work as a whole. Each book will have its own theme. Stories will overlap, some f…

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Boxing in the shadows

My story, "The Shadow Boxer" is being podcast at Manawaker Studios. Take a listen, and then let me know what you think.

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The Game is afoot

My story, "A Game of Balances" just came out in Phantaxis: Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Issue 7. It's the first story I've sold in a shared science fantasy universe I created called Aaerilia.

Aaerilia is part of an enormous bridge that had been destroyed centuries earlier, its inhabitants …

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How "Kind" they are

My story, "Kind" is out at Every Day Fiction. It's a flash piece that I had fun putting together. In it, a young boy teaches his father that all lives are precious, no matter how different.



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Honey's second Hush


Manawaker Studios has done another excellent job turning my story, "Hush Honey" into a podcast. Listen to it on their site, or on YouTube.

Originally published in Every Day Fiction in April, 2013, "Hush Honey" is a touching tale of a girl left alone in a dying world.

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"Moment of Inertia" in audio

My story, "Moment of Inertia" is available as a podcast at The Centropic Oracle. Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine's Issue 57 in April of 2013, it's one of my favorite stories. I enjoyed writing it because it's filled with hope, ingenuity, and characters I could really co…

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"Drop" has dropped in Starward Tales II

"Drop", my longest story to date, is out in the Starward Tales II anthology. The story follows the journey of Fex, an outcast from a parched, desert land as he learns his home is more than he imagined, and as he discovers how a single drop of water in the wrong spot at the wrong time can have world-…

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