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Electric Connection

I've got a new story out at Electric Spec. It's titled "One Slow Trigger Day", and it's special. I wrote it with my twin brother, Dean D'Amico.

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Too Hot to Handle

My zombie love story "Heat" is up online at The WiFiles. The heat of passion quickly turns into the heat of decay for a confused young woman.

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9 Tales of story sales

Well, not really 9...

Bride of Chaos is publishing a few of my shorter and darker works in their 9Tales series. "Al Dente", a hostage story you can get your teeth into, is already out in 9Tales Told in the Dark #8. "The Shadow Boxer", a dieselpunk tale of magic and Nazis, is also out in 9Tales To…

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A single soft sale

Slink Chunk Press has published my story "A Single Soft Step". It's a sad tale of final contact about a woman who seeks redemption with creatures who may be too alien to care.


This story shares something in common with my previous story sale, "The Lemon Thief of Munjid Al Salam". I wrote th…

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The Lemon Thief finds a home

My story "The Lemon Thief of Munjid Al Salam" has finally found a home at Liquid Imagination.

This story holds sentimental value, because it was the first story I'd tried to get published back in 2010 when I decided to get off my butt and become a writer. I originally submitted it to "L. Ron Hubbar…

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Last sale of the year

I sold my story "Al Dente" to 9Tales Told In The Dark #8. It's available on Amazon.

Struggling through

It's been six months since my heart exploded. I feel like I've aged twenty years since then. It's a chore to get up in the morning, and I'm often in pain. My traitorous heart continues to plot against me. I spent last Tuesday in the emergency room, short of breath and suffering the same pains I felt…

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It's been roughly a month since my heart exploded.

I collapsed sometime around midnight on the 6th of February. I couldn't breathe, the pain in my chest felt like someone was standing on top of me. One of my valves had split open. Blood was pooling in the in the sack surrounding my heart, crushing the life out of me.

I got really lucky. The odds …

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blog post

I find it difficult to write sometimes. Well, the writing part isn't actually what I have trouble with. It's getting in there and trying. It's easy to blame work or family, but it's all internal. I want to write. I love writing, making up characters and stories, and I get lost in the worlds I create…

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Awards, kinda...

"Bittersweet" was chosen as one of the top 10 stories of the year by the Critters P&E Annual Readers Poll. It originally appeared in Plasma Frequency Magazine's 11th issue, April/May 2014, and will be featured again in their Year Two Anthology.

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Outside the Box

My story "Outside the Box" is up at Plasma Frequency Magazine.


Plasma Frequency Magazine has included my story, "Bittersweet" in their year 2 anthology. 


My clockpunk story, "Jucarii" is up at New Myths Magazine.

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The wonderful people at New Myths Magazine will be publishing my clockpunk story, "Jucarii" in their December issue. I'm excited because this will be my 20th published story since that first breakthrough sale to L. Ron Hubbard Presents, Writers and Illustrators of the Future in 2011.

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blog post

My steampunk story, “The Woman Who Was More Than a Wrench” is available at Plasma Frequency Magazine.  They'll also be publishing my story, "Outside the Box" in a later issue of their magazine.


Working crazy hours at my day job is killing my word count. How do people juggle long hours and still manage to crank out novel length manuscripts? 

Cleaning up

I reworked my website to make it a little easier to read, and a bit friendlier to edit. Hope you like it.


Plasma Frequency Magazine purchased my story, "Bittersweet" for their April/May 2014 issue. I wrote this piece over the winter while having a nice cup of cocoa.

Twelfth Sale in 2013!

I sold my twelfth story of 2013 today. It was "Point of Ascension", a near future space story about orbital divers on a desperate mission. It's one of my favorite stories, and I'm very happy to have sold it. It'll be included in the Strange Bedfellows anthology by Bundoran Press.

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My one day story from WOTF

We were asked to write a story in a day during the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future workshop (May 2011). Props were given out, and we were to use those props in conjunction with a brief conversation with a stranger on the street to formulate an idea for our stories. My prop was a rock. …

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